Cathedral, The Game of the Mediaeval CityThe Game of the Mediaeval City


You may already own, or be playing CATHEDRAL and are looking for more information, or you may have seen it and want to know more about the game or where to get it. This website is for you.

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ONLINE PLAY. You can play Cathedral with a partner online using this special notation language. 

BUY CATHEDRAL. You may be looking to obtain for yourself a game of CATHEDRAL, then this is the place to find where to order your game online.

ABOUT CATHEDRAL, gives you an overview of the object of the game and the basis for the growth of the city and the purpose behind the game.

THE HISTORY, will tell you how the game was invented, designed, by whom and how it developed over the years into what it has become today .

THE CATHEDRAL MUSEUM, has many images of developmental stages in the game, including early prototypes and styles that were originally available.

THE GAME, gives details about the three sizes and pieces available.

HOW TO PLAY, is the focal point of the whole website. The basic rules to CATHEDRAL as received with the game.

We trust this website will enhance your enjoyment playing 'CATHEDRAL, The Game of the Mediaeval City' .

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